FULL-TIME : 37.5 hours/week


SALARY: £28,000-£32,000

+3% pension contribution



We are excited about pioneering this new role and appointing a Children and Youth Minister

(C&YM) for St Barnabas and St Michael’s. Based in south-west London, in the great location of Clapham

Common, Wandsworth Common and Northcote Road, this position is full time, for an initial period of 2

years, which involves working with the children and young people in the churches and schools of the

parishes of St Barnabas, and St Michael’s.


Working with the vicars of both parishes, the C&YM will help to lead the work of outreach to children

and young people in our neighbourhood through a creative combination of school and church activities.

The role and presence of the C&YM will provide continuity for the children and young people in the

week and at the weekend, during term-time and over the holidays. Sensitive to context in each place, the

C&YM role is about regular Christian presence in the schools and intentional Christian discipleship in the



As a joint venture between our two parishes, this is a purposeful partnership which develops our desire

to work with children and young people who live, play, learn, or worship in our parishes and deepens the

existing co-operation between our neighbouring parishes.



St Barnabas and St Michael’s churches enjoy a fantastic location in south-west London (SW11). Next to

Clapham and Wandsworth Commons respectively, we are few minutes walk from Clapham Junction and

even closer to the Northcote Road. The churches are a 15 minute walk from one another.



St Barnabas Church is lead by Rev Richard Taylor who has been the vicar there since July 2009.

Averaging about 100 on a Sunday (75 Adults and 25 u.16s), we have slowly grown younger and bigger

over this time. The aim of all our work with children and young people is ‘to build friendship and faith’.

In order to do this we have a monthly 9.30 family service, run four Sunday groups for different ages three

times a month, and run a Friday evening youth club twice a month for 8s-11s and 11s-14s on alternating

Fridays. We are keen to develop a bible study group for our teenagers in years 10 and 11.


St Michael’s Church is led by Rev Tiffany-Alice Ewins who has been the Priest in Charge there since

February 2017. The church is looking at reconnecting with the schools in the area as a primary mission

strategy. One way in which we are doing this is through a gospel choir after school midweek. We are in

the process of forming our Mission Action Plan through active listening and appreciative enquiry. This

process has led us to agree on 6 values that are now being used to develop our mission strategy and to

review our existing activities. Our main Sunday service is a Holy Communion at 10am with the forth

Sunday of the month being a short all age service. We have also started an intergeneration fresh

expression, Café Church which meets on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at 4pm.



St Michael’s parish is home to two state primary schools (Belleville School, Honeywell Junior School, and

Honeywell Infant School) and one secondary free school (Bolingbroke Academy). Although none of these

are faith schools, our initial conversations with the Heads about a C&YM were very positive and really

encouraged us. However, following consultation with the heads the C&YM initial focus would to

establish a presence in the primary schools and allow this to develop into secondary school as the

children transition up.


Of less initial relevance to the post, it is worth stating that the parish of St Barnabas also has two state

primaries (Belleville Wix and Belleville Meteor St) which are both under the same headship as Belleville


Further details of the schools can be found on at the end of the document.



This role will suit someone who loves working with children and young people of primary and secondary

school ages (Key Stages 1-4) and enjoys developing good relationships with them. He or she will be

comfortable in the different environments of church and school, possess an ability to create community

and be sensitive to different ways of expressing, sharing and teaching the Christian faith according to

context. As well as providing age-appropriate ministry to children and young people, it is essential to

believe that children and young people can also participate in ministry to others too.


We believe that the C&YM will need to be someone who is:

* a generous, imaginative and confident Christian

* a leader with good emotional and relational intelligence

* a self-starter who can both develop an existing ministry to young people at St Barnabas and

pioneer a new role in schools and services with St Michael’s

* a good all-round communicator with a gift for teaching

* an organiser who is confident in the recruiting, managing and equipping of volunteers

* capable of balancing the specific nature of the job as a joint venture between neighbouring


* comfortable with a flexible approach to working hours, good at managing boundaries and time

* able to join church work and schools work appropriately and effectively and enjoy the

opportunites afforded by the interface of both

* committed to upholding our safeguarding policies

* able to understand the importance of accountability and transparency in this context with

different stakeholders in mind.


THE ST BARNABAS ROLE (18.5 hours per week)

This role involves developing the exisiting pastoral oversight and organisation of St Barnabas’ children and

youth work. In term times this will be on Sundays and Friday’s. In the holidays, this can be adapted and

varied to suit. Particular responsibilities are:

1. to oversee the regular term-time Sunday Groups for children &young people (C&YP), organising

programmes and volunteers, leading two sessions a month (1 x Grid 11s-14s & 1 x X-stream 7s-

11s) and providing simple alternative resources for use during holiday periods and occasional 5th


2. to oversee our regular term time Friday night youth clubs (two age groups: 8-11 & 11-16) running

once a fortnight each) organising programmes and volunteers and leading each session

3. to start a new, weekly term-time bible study/discussion evening for Year 10s and older (age 14+)

with a commitment to developing relationships and discipleship

4. to help involve young people in our worship and integrate them into church

5. to accept opportunities for visiting schools in the parish if or they arise as appropriate

6. to attend a local youth worship event once a term (with St Michael’s)

7. to encourage attendance on a Venture camp or festival, or to plan something equivalent for the

different age groups of St Barnabas and St Michael’s

8. to undertake the administration necessary to communicate with children, parents, volunteers and

church staff

9. to recruit, support and equip volunteers to deliver our programme for C&YP.

10. to meet with the St Barnabas vicar and staff team for communication and prayer once a week


THE ST MICHAEL’S ROLE (18.5 hours per week)

This role involves pioneering outreach into the local schools. Although it is a new role (and therefore not

yet defined) the PCC are aware of the need to see it develop within clear expectations. These are:

1. To embrace the values of St Michael’s which are:

• directed by Jesus

• attentive to need

• offering what we have

• enabling all ages to participate

• thankful

• developing a culture of ‘try’

2. To develop positive relationships as an ambassador of the parish church with children, parents

and staff in Honeywell School, Belleville school and in time, Bolingbroke Academy.

3. To plan and lead regular assemblies in the schools and to increase contact time in the schools.

4. To identify the potential for, plan and lead clubs, groups or other gospel activities in and/or with

the schools.

5. To accompany classes on school trips and be present at other events e.g. sports day

6. To meet for formal supervision with Tif monthly in the first year where goals can be honed and


7. To meet for prayer and informal catch ups with Tif and / or the Church Wardens weekly.

8. To prepare termly reports on the work for PCC and an annual report for the APCM

9. To be part of the planning and leadership for all age services (4th Sundays, 10am) and Café Church

(1st and 3rd Sundays, 4pm)

10. To be prayerfully aware and looking to develop new ministry opportunities involving children in

the parish

In both churches, this role could include opportunities to lead and preach at our main Sunday morning

services for families and adults too.

In both churches, it will be necessary to work within the guidelines of the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy, A

Safe Church and the position is subject to an enhanced DBS check. And because of the term-time nature

of the schools work, it will be necessary to take annual leave when the schools are on holiday.

We intend for term-time working hours would be split 50-50 between the two parishes but realise that

some activities might be done to embrace both at once eg holiday-time activities.



The C&YM can operate with the assurance of knowing that St Barnabas and St Michael’s are fully

committed to:

* meeting the full cost of any legitimate work related expenses

* guaranteeing regular supervision with the vicar(s)

* providing a weekly rhythm of prayer, worship and fellowship

* ensuring a regular day off each week and 28 days paid leave each year

* creating a supportive environment within which to work

* offering you our gratitude as you encourage children and young people towards and further into

the Christian faith



To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter to Rev Tif Ewins by the closing date of 28 June:


address: 93 Bolingbroke Grove, London, SW11 6HA

Successful applicants will be notified by phone with a view to interviews taking place on 5 or 6 July 2019.

Two written references will be required at this point.




Address Clapham Common Northside, London SW4 9SW


Vicar Richard Taylor

Vicarage 020 7223 5953



Address Cobham Close, London SW11 6SP


Priest-in-Charge Tif Ewins

Vicarage 020 7450 5588




Address Webbs Road, London SW11 6PR (in St Michael’s parish)


Head John Grove

Students 860 children (Nursery, Infant, Junior – over 2 sites)



Address Honeywell Road, London SW11 6EF


Head Duncan Roberts and Jane Neal

Students 630 children



Address Wakehurst Rd, London SW11 6BF


Head Claire Edis

Students 700