On Sunday, 20 August it was a sad day for St Michael’s as we said goodbye to our Director of Music, Pawel Siwczak.  Pawel had been with us for many years as the Director of Music for the choir.  Furthermore, he had set up a series of superb concerts for the Church bringing us a fresh audience who appreciated good music, especially that of the Baroque period.

His good work continues and many of us at St. Michael’s will continue to support him firstly through admiration for his tremendous talents, and, secondly, as was so eloquently put by Mike Shaw upon handling him a leaving card, he leaves us as a ‘friend’.  He will be greatly missed.

Mike Shaw handing Pawel Siwczak a leaving card which had been made by St. Michael’s Sunday School.


Pawel Siwczak with his music team continue to present a series of concerts performed on historical instruments. For more information please visit Pawel’s website and for the latest updates check our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

– – – Music remains an important part of our life at St Michael’s.