Battersea Welcomes Refugees

A group of CofE churches in the Battersea area who are passionate about finding properties to increase the number of Syrian families resettled in the area and to support other work with refugees locally.


For landlords who are interested in renting a property to a Syrian Family for 2 years under the Syrian vulnerable person resettlement programme we have put lots more information on this page

Other support needed – once we have secured some properties that are suitable for Syrian families we will then need other support – to help get those properties ready, and to support the families once they arrive.  If you are able to give financially, through your time or skills please do get in touch.

We also want to promote the great work of Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees who coordinate groups working with refugees in Wandsworth.

If you are interested to give or have any questions do contact the representative in your church or the Area Dean, Rev Richard Taylor.